Citadel of Saladin

Citadel of Saladin, From the historical sites, which is one of the finest and most visited places and diversity and attention and interest in Egypt, the citadel of Saladin, with its engineering elements to be a landmark and a prominent witness passed by the region in an era characterized by prosperity and spread and human...
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Mokattam and Cave Church

The church and monastery of St. Simeon, also known as the Cave Church in Mokattam Mountain, southeast of Cairo, is located in the area known as “garbage city” due to the number of garbage collectors or large scavengers living in the area. About Mokattam and Cave Church These scavengers are descendants of farmers who began...
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Al – Azhar mosque

About Al-Azhar mosque Founded in 970 AD,the principal mosque of shite islam for north africa and the near east was built between the 10th and 12th centuries in the center of cairo . In the tradition of establishing a centre of worship after conquering a new city, the Fatimid rulers started working on the AL-AZHAR...
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Trinity Thebes

Who is  the Trinity Thebes: Trinity of Thebes Amun-Re master good sitting on the throne and behind the death of the head of the goddess Wife lioness as well as the idol of the moon god Khonsu. In fact, Amon was not the same fame he received during the two states, the middle and the...
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Grand Egyptian Museum

The location of the Grand Egyptian Museum: The Grand Egyptian Museum is located a few miles west of Cairo near the pyramids of Giza. It is built to be the world’s largest museum of monuments, accommodating 5 million visitors annually. In addition to the commercial and recreational services buildings, the restoration center and the museum...
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Cultural places in Egypt

Egypt is a cradle of civilizations. It has a number of civilizations that have left traces in the country, such as the Pharaonic kingdom, the parish, the Persians, the Ptolemaic state and the Romans, making Egypt an attractive tourist destination nowadays. Pyramids of Giza The pyramids were built in Giza in Egypt by the Pharaohs...
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