Who is  the Trinity Thebes:

Trinity of Thebes Amun-Re master good sitting on the throne and behind the death of the head of the goddess Wife lioness as well as the idol of the moon god Khonsu. In fact, Amon was not the same fame he received during the two states, the middle and the modern during the old state, and if he was mentioned in the texts of the pyramids he and his wife Ament as one of the eight couples who appeared before the beginning of creation.

About the Trinity Thebes:

Ammon and Amont represent the hidden powers as air. Their center of worship was in Khmelnu, or Hormuz, which means the city of the eight. It is believed that at some point in the first transition period, Amon had moved to Este and Taiba, but remained immersed in the tenth family, whose kings sanctified the idol But during the Twelfth Dynasty, whose founder bore the name Amenhoth Amun in the foreground, Amun’s name rose and the kings of that family began to build temples and booths in Karnak or Abt Sout and Amun absorbed the qualities of the idol of the most important ancient Egyptian goddesses And became a solar worship Yasmi Amun Ra and Tauri Natto one of the local gods of Thebes, and that he had to be maintained his position as a god for war.

At the end of the second transition period, the late 17th Dynasty kings placed themselves under the protection of Amon during their wars with the Hyksos. After the victory of Ahmus, Amon rose to be the king of all the gods in Egypt and built the temples in the history of the world for eighteen months. The empire of Egypt and its priests enjoyed great influence, such as the feast day and the beautiful valleys. This was the beginning of the kings since the days of Amenhotep the second, towards the ancient god of the sun and the multiple forms of the priests. This movement culminated in the days of Akhenaton.

Trinity Thebes through the times :

By the time of the Ramesses, the influence of Amun had returned, and if the Ramesses had raised the other important idols in Paht and Ra and six to Ammon, and none of them were named Amon, but City, Rameses and Merneptah had moved the political capital from Taiba to their home in the East Delta Where Rameses II built his city of Bar Rameses to be away from the influence of the priests. But at the end of the twentieth Dynasty, the influence of the priests of Amon reached a peak and ended with Amon’s rule over all of Egypt in both Taiba and Tanis.