Places to visit in Upper Egypt

Egypt has divided into three parts, Lower Egypt, Middle Egypt, and upper Egypt. Lower  Egypt is  the northernmost region of Egypt: the fertile Nile Delta, between Upper Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Middle Egypt, Middle Egypt is the section of land between Lower Egypt (the Nile Delta) and Upper Egypt, stretching upstream from Asyut in the south to Memphis in the north. Upper Egypt, is the strip of land on both sides of the Nile that extends between Nubia and downriver (northwards) to Lower Egypt.  The upper Egypt has a lot of tourist attractions, he most interesting and attractive parts of Upper Egypt for the tourists would certainly be Luxor and Aswan to its South. in this article we will explain the places to visit in upper Egypt.

Visiting the Temple of Abu Simple 

the temple was erected in the 13th century and remained buried under the sands until it was unearthed by the Swiss archeologist; Jean-Loius Burckhardt. Abu Simple Temples were moved, after being scattered into smaller pieces, from its original location near Aswan, to this new artificial cliff situated 280 kilometers to the South of Aswan.

Tombs of the Valley of the Kings

The tombs of the Valley of the Kings locate in the west bank of Luxor houses, they differ in shape, outline, and size. With discoveries in 2005 and 2008 of tombs, the valley is known to contain 63 tombs and chambers. The royal tombs are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology and give clues as to the beliefs and funerary rituals of the period.

The  Karnak Temple

The largest and most remarkable religious temple in ancient Egypt, it locates in Luxor governorate it was the main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad with the god Amun as its head. It is part of the monumental city of Thebes.